Are you thinking about filing an accident claim after a recent non-fault accident? If you’re seeking an injury solicitor with intimate knowledge of injury law and a genuine no win no fee service, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert accident claims solicitors can help you to find out whether you’re entitled to compensation with a no cost appraisal of your case. Discover whether you can make a claim by calling our free helpline today.

No Fee Representation and 100% Compensation Guaranteed!

Have you been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness? If you weren’t at fault, there’s a strong likelihood you’ll be eligible for monetary compensation for your suffering. The final value of your compensation award is heavily dependent upon the pain and suffering caused by your injuries, along with any loss of amenity and residual disability diagnosed. For many of our clients, injury compensation forms just a small part of the overall settle amount, since they are often entitled to additional recompense for consequential financial loss.

Interested in how much your claim might be worth? The following provide an idea of compensation awards for some of the most common accident claims we encounter:

  • Minor neck wrenching injury/ whiplash after a road traffic accident: £2,850 – £5,150*
  • Moderate burn or laceration attributed to an electric shock: £8,550 – £15,100*
  • Minor back strain caused by a slip or fall in the workplace: £5,150 – £8,250*
  • Serious knee injury (causing residual disability) following a motorbike accident: £25,750 – £36,000*
  • Wrist fracture or soft tissue injury after a minor bicycle accident: £4,850 – £6,750*
  • Severe brain injury or Cerebral Palsy caused by medical negligence: £186,000 – £265,000*
  • Minor ankle sprain after a fall whilst on holiday: £6,600 – £11,800*

Whether you sustained injury as a passenger in a road traffic accident, or you suffered after a slip or fall in the workplace, we don’t believe you should have to bear the costly burden of legal fees when pursuing a claim. Our personal injury solicitors work on a genuine no win no fee basis; their own costs recovered from the insurance provider of the liable party, rather than from our own clients. This means we have no need to make deductions from any final compensation award, as any disbursement costs are also met by the opposition.

If you’d like to arrange a convenient telephone consultation to discuss your case, contact our no win no fee solicitors using the secure online form provided. We offer straightforward advice tailored to your circumstances, and a free claim evaluation at zero cost to you.

Non-Fault Accident Claims – Your Entitlement to Compensation

If you’ve sustained injury as a result of an accident caused by someone other than yourself, you have a legitimate right to seek compensation for your ordeal. It matters little whether your accident occurred in the workplace, on the road or in a shopping centre; if you can demonstrate you weren’t at fault, our solicitors will help you gather the required evidence to validate your claim.

Do you qualify? You could be entitled to compensation if:

  • You suffered an electric shock after purchasing a faulty electrical product.
  • You were involved in a vehicle collision caused by another driver.
  • Your injury was caused by the negligence of your employer or another employee.
  • You suffered a slip or fall whilst on holiday in the UK or abroad.
  • You developed serious complications after a routine surgical procedure.
  • You were a motorcyclist/ cyclist struck by another vehicle.

Legal action is probably the last thing on your mind after a non-fault accident, however, claiming sooner rather than later can significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome. If you’re unsure whether negligence was the primary cause of your accident, seek advice from our personal injury claims specialists by calling our free claim helpline.

Should You Make A Claim?

For many accident victims, it isn’t just the prospect of a long recovery that contributes to the stress after a non-fault accident. The necessity for time off work coupled with financial demands can have a devastating impact upon the lives of victims and their families, often causing recovery to be a much slower and stressful process.

Compensation can have a marked improvement on the lives of injured accident victims, diffusing the worry over mounting bills and mortgage payments, as well as the potential impact of a reduced household income. Our proficient accident solicitors are sympathetic to the financial difficulties faced by clients and work hard to seek maximum compensation for losses suffered.

Interested in how much your claim might be worth? Visit our online claim calculator to see representative examples of compensation for common accident injuries, or give us a call for a more in-depth claim assessment. Our service is free and you’re under no obligation to proceed with a claim at this early stage.